Mr. Musk, please check this letter seriously. Your Chinese partners have
been gradually RUINING the reputation you have built over the years. More and more people are changing their thoughts about Tesla.

Tesla grew as a technology pioneer, but those Chinese Tesla leaders have been trying so hard to turn that into a "fraud company". Again and again, they manipulated the perspective of customers on the big sale of Tesla by tricking them into believing there wasn’t any sharp price change, while it’s only days before the big sale. They lied about the price cut, urged people to sign the deal asap, and offered no compensation measures thereafter, turning them into Tesla haters. Just imagine you bought a Tesla Model 3 just 8 days before and would suffer from a 10 percent price cut.

Since it has happened over and over again, more and more people are getting hurt and becoming resentful. Words on the street have changed. It's just about time for the sales situation to getting bad for Tesla in China.

Grace would surely argue that those salespersons don't know the price cut before action. But that is such a lie. And it would even be worse if it is true. Because they acquiesce their salespersons to promise to customers and blame them solely after the incident, their salespersons were in fact cheated too. We totally understand the necessity of a price cut. We just feel it’s wrong to withhold this information days before we are about to buy a Tesla. We’ve been treated like a fool and we’ve all been cheated.

Grace would argue that price cut is a must, there would always be some people who will be hurt because of this. And I surely don't agree with that, all is about the way you make a price cut, not the price cut itself, it should just be crystal transparent, and most importantly gradual. Customers willingly choose to accept the price situation and be with Tesla, or choose not to buy a Tesla car. Tesla should be confident with its product, and people will choose to accept the reasonable price change and be the early owner of a cool car.

Cool as Tesla should not grow up with those shameful business tricks and become a shameful company.

For those early customers Tesla may choose to give symbolic compensation to them. It's just for respect to your customers, please allow me to explain. Because customers chose to believe in Tesla in an early stage, helped Tesla to maintain a proper profit to grow stronger, except for the higher price, they deserve something more. Here are some possible compensations I would propose, all of them are on the basis of not harming the company’s interests:

  1. Classify those early customers with the order they buy a Tesla car, give them different rank for using a Super Charger according to that. The discount rate related to rank may be static, or changes dynamically over time, in a range that won't hurt the overall profit for Tesla, but would give those customers due respect which they deserve.
  2. When multiple users are heading to one same Super Charger, allow customers with higher rank to charge first.
  3. As a new feature arrives those early customers would own a chance to try first, which is about respect, and at the same time accumulating early user data for Tesla.
  4. For non-essential components inside the computer of a Tesla car, only Tesla owners over a determined number(like 1 or 2) of years can own it. Example components are like games, badges.
  5. Finally, every customer will become an "early customer" over time, so it won't be uncomfortable for those who are not at present.

The following links are for your reference if you want see yourself what's really happening, please note the comments from your customers, and note those who are laughing at your customers as if they are a fool to suffer from a price cut, and the ridicule about the price tricks.